Winter Camp 2019

Dec 23rd - Dec 27th

【Let's go over World Winter Holiday Celebration ! 】

As winter holiday is coming, we would like to learn about other countries’ culture through their unique style of winter celebrations. For Christmas, some countries don't use Santa Claus as a Christmas symbol, instead they use Saint.Niclas. Some countries celebrate Christmas in summer. WHY? Through learning about how other countries celebrate Christmas, we can learn many new aspects of the world. This is project learning based on the IB program and the Reggio approach. 

The purpose of the camp is not simply learning facts about other countries, but rather developing respect for different cultures. Each day, we focus on one country or region to investigate the country’s culture and history.

At the end of the day, we introduce famous artists of the country and have the children explore art materials to create like the professional artists! 



Date: Dec 23rd (Mon)  〜 27th (Fri)

    ※ You can choose 3 - 5 days.

Time: 9:00am 〜 2:00pm(Extended Childcare till 5pm.)

Students:  3 years old 〜 8 years old


Dec 23 (Mon) : Christmas  < America > Modern style of Christmas

                          "Artist of the day" :  Alexander Calder (mobile), Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein


Dec 24 (Tue) :  Christmas < Netherlands or Italy or Germany >  Traditional style

                       "Artist of the day" : (Italy) Leonardo Da Vinci, Bruno Munari, Sandro Botticelli


Dec 25 (Wed) : Christmas  < Africa: South America   > South style (summer time) 

                       "Artist of the day" : Tarsila do Amaral, Lygia Pape, Almeida Junior


Dec 26 (Thu) :  Christmas  < Israel >  Jewish Hanika 

                       "Artist Today" : Marc Chagall

Dec 27 (Fri) :    New Year Celebration < Around the world >

                         "Artist of the day" : Pablo Picasso (cubism),  Salvador Dalí (surrealism), Claude Monet (impressionism)


Time Schedule:   

                       9:00〜9:15     Drop off & Free Play

                       9:15〜9:45     Circle Time - English song / Show & Tell

                       9:45〜10:30    Work Time 1

                      10:30〜10:50   Snack Time

                      10:50〜11:30   Work Time 2

                      11:30〜12:20   Park Time

                      12:20〜13:20   Lunch Time & Free Play

                      13:20〜13:45   Work Time 3

                      13:45〜14:00   Circle Time - Good Bye Song

Price:   5 DAYS : 55,000 yen + tax  (Members : 50,000 yen + tax )

                4 DAYS : 45,000 yen + tax  (Members : 40,000 yen + tax )

                3 DAYS : 35,000 yen + tax  (Members : 30,000 yen + tax )

Others: Lunch order 550 yen



Spring Party 2021_02.png

Our Philosophy




Teacher Kyle


From The United States

After School Lead Teacher

米国・バージニア州出身。バージニア・コモンウェルス大学にてマスコミュニケーションの学位を取得。母国で英語教師をした後、モンテッソーリやシュタイナー等のオルタナティヴ教育を問い入れる日本の某私立幼稚園にて英語教師を務める。レッジョ・アプローチと出会い、深く勉強したいと思っていたところ、Kodomo Eduと出会う。アートやデザインなどモノづくりへの情熱をKodomo Edu International Schoolにて生かしたいと参画。


Teacher Fernando 


From Brazil



IMG_5932 2.JPG

Teacher Ashley

From The United States

Preschool Teacher

アメリカの大学で美術を専攻。セラミックの研究で修士取得。アメリカで幅広い年齢の子ども達を対象に美術教師として経験を積んだのち、幼児教育に目覚めマサチューセッツ州にて幼稚園教諭の資格を取得。Alternative educationのマサチューセッツの幼稚園でレッジョへの興味を深める。

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