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③ experiment

When people talk about “Reggio approach”,

sometimes art is the main focus. 

However, in order to deepen the children’s learning,

it is necessary to repeat spiral learning with their peers,

as explained above. This idea comes from the concept

of “Constructivism”, and it is frequently used

in preschool that has high-quality education system

in the U.S. and Europe.  

What Children Can Acquire through our program



Children explore various art materials, using their fingers and the entire body alongside their teachers and peers. There are many exciting tricks that will stimulate children’s creativeness, such as getting inspired by their peer’s work and teacher’s ideas.



We will not offer the same fixed curriculum to every child. We will observe each child and offer different learning opportunities depending on their interest. It begins with children’s interest, so their curiosity will expand.



Every time children work on something, they will talk about it with teachers and peers.

By reflecting on what they have done thoroughly, they will obtain the ability to observe and think -  deepening their ability to learn and make good use of it from next time



Creativity is not something that only great artists possess. It is an ability inherent in all children and all adults. We will help bloom the children’s creativity through, “Spiral Learning”.



We accept each child as an important member of the team. We will also encourage children to respect their peers as well. By being accepted and respected by their peers outside their home, children can develop their self-esteem.


Children will spend a day with professional Reggio approach teachers.  Experiencing various kinds of materials will stimulate the children’s curiosity, which will lead to better self-expression. Many activities include group work with their peers, and the long duration of the work time together will allow them to acquire communication and teamwork skills. We also believe it is important that they will go out to the park to experience and observe nature while also enjoying it.


One of the key fundamentals to the Reggio approach is “to express,” and based on this we created our own new program. The slogan is “Express Yourself!” Through the language of English and Artistic expression, children will express themselves comfortably. By providing an environment where children can express themselves, we will encourage and support children to develop their own voice. 


Just like After School, the slogan “Express yourself” is used to enrich learning. Through various fieldworks, the kids are given the opportunity for independent thinking. We will encourage and support children to develop their own voice. 


For mothers of children between 0-2 years old, we will lecture various approaches that suit each child’s developmental stage, which are practicable at home. Using the Reggio Approach, Kodomo Edu and early childcare professionals created this original program.


School Schedule

  • Days : Monday – Friday


    Time : 9:00am 〜 2:00pm(extension until 5:00 pm)(Consultation needed until 6:00 pm)


    Content : Reggio approach exploring learning(All in English)


    Number of days : Optional from 2 days a week – 5 days a week



    For 2-4 year-olds

  • Days : Monday – Friday


    Time : 3:00pm 〜 5:00pm(preschooler)

    4:00pm 〜 6:00pm(elementary school student)


    Content : Reggio approach exploring learning (All in English + Japanese support available)


    Number of Days : Optional from 1 day a week – 5 days a week.

    After School


    For 5-year-olds to 3rd grader

  • Days : Saturdays


    Time : 9:00am 〜 2:00pm


    Content : Lecture of how to practice Reggio approach at home for parents.


    Number of Times : Twice a month or 4 times a month.

    Saturday School (From May 2019)


    For 3-year-olds – 3rd grader

  • Days : Every Wednesdays


    Time : 10:00am 〜 11:00am


    Content : Lecture of how to practice Reggio approach at home for parents.


    Number of Times : 4 times a month.

    Parent and Child Course


    For 0-2 year-old)

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