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Open School !! Reggio x Zen Workshop (Nov.27, Sat)

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Open School on Nov 27th, Sat, from 10am to 12pm

Reggio x Zen Workshop with Families!

We’re inviting families to visit us here at Kodomo Edu to learn more about the philosophies that drive our community! We believe that all children are capable and each of them has their own unique strengths. Nurturing children’s ideas helps them to imagine, think deeply and express themselves to connect with the community surrounding them.

We’ll be exploring various provocations inspired by Western and Japanese culture. Through our natural materials and professional Reggio teachers we will guide families through experiences from material exploration to Japanese Zen spirit.

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Who is Kodomo Edu?

Kodomo Edu International School is a Reggio-inspired school located in Nakameguro, We are a home-like environment school which respects each children’s talent and strength as well as the whole community that provides the best learning opportunity to our children.

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Our Core Values

These 8 skills are the core values that we want our students to nurture.

3 Cs


Curiosity keeps our mind strong and opens us up to new life experiences. We encourage children to explore their environment, wonder, and share their thoughts and opinions.

Critical Thinking

We give our children time to think, develop their own hypotheses, and encourage them to try different ideas. Critical thinking helps our students communicate with the world and allows them to better express their ideas.


A strong community is one that accepts us as we are, makes us feel safe, and rises us up. The support and connections we make gives us the space to discover and follow our goals.



In all of our relationships we work towards connection and understanding. We encourage listening and an expressing of emotions. In a non-judgemental environment we are able to talk about our own and others’ feelings.

Self regulation

Through careful observation of children, structure, and personalized expectations our friends learn to control impulses, stay focused, and make friends. The skills gained helps them manage frustrating situations and think about how their actions affect others.

Self confidence

When children feel good about themselves they try new things; feel accepted and capable. We help friends learn new skills by giving them the proper framework. Whatever the outcome, the effort they put in will be recognized. Helping others in our community builds our friends up more and more positive feelings.

P + R


Things are not easy all of the time, but learning to handle these setbacks help us grow and handle more challenges. Learning how to move through frustration and struggle we build up children who believe that effort leads them to success. Presenting children with strategies and modeling persistent behavior helps them develop a forward thinking mind.


We provide an environment where children’s natural resilience is understood and respected. We give our students responsibilities and challenges while supporting them and helping them manage their emotions. Helping others and nurturing a child’s self-esteem gives them tools to better handle stress and adversity.

Kodomo Edu Teachers are co-learners with your children. With a collaborative approach through various types of projects, we encourage children's self-confidence, curiosity and creativity. Our child-centered approach and the respectful environment give children the courage to try and fail to learn and grow.

We all look forward to meeting you on Nov 27th!

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Thank you very much.

Team Kodomo Edu International School

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