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【Art x Nature Camp】English camp for 2 days and 1 night in the great outdoors is now open!

Kodomo Edu's residential camp will make you want to speak English more and fully enjoy it!

All activities are in All English, and you will spend 2 whole days in an English-only environment with foreign teachers.

Even though it is difficult to go abroad now, Kodomo Edu's residential camp is a program where you can enjoy All-English + Art + Nature exploration at the same time, just like participating in a camp at a study abroad destination!

One of the attractions of the Kodomo Edu residential camp is that children learn what they like and what excites them through English, so they can "learn with English" instead of "learning English".

Also, for children who live in the city, exposure to the great outdoors is very valuable.

Being in contact with nature stimulates the five senses, and challenging themselves to do things they normally cannot do fosters independence and curiosity in the children.

The accommodation is in a renovated abandoned elementary school in Chiba Prefecture.

The children will stay at a school in the nature and eat school lunch together.

Let's explore the facilities, observe the beautiful starry sky, experience bonfires, and many other activities with the friends we meet here!

Although we are under the uncertainty in the COVID era, we would like to provide a wonderful learning experience for the children in the way of taking all possible precautionary measures.

(* We, Kodomo Edu International School, operate in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's guidelines for the prevention of infectious diseases, creating a safe environment under the advice of our commissioned doctor.)

All English camp for 2 days and 1 night



May 14th (Sat) - May 15th (Sun) (2 days 1 night)


Gathering: May 14th (Sat) 9:00am  

Place: Nakameguro station

Dismissal: May 15th (Sun) 4:00pm

Place: Nakameguro station

※The above schedule is subject to change. In case of any changes, we will inform you in advance.

【Time table / Program】

(DAY 1)


Meet at Nakameguro Station and depart


Check-in and lunch



(Explore the school building, nature, exercise, Art class)


BBQ, bath, bonfire


go to bed

(DAY 2)


Morning nature walk/exercise


Breakfast and packing



(Nature walk, Art class)


Departure to the beach


Tide picking & Lunch at the beach


Arrival at Nakameguro Station and dismissal

※English only. Japanese language support is not available. (except in case of emergency).

【Place Accommodation details

School for Staying with Friends

Chonan Nishi Elementary School (Chiba Prefecture)

1348-1, Satubo, Chounan-cho, Chosei-gun, 297-0145

The school is reserved for one group per day, so you can spend as much time as you like.


5 years old to 9 years old (from the eldest to the 4th grade of elementary school)

【Price】 39,800 yen (tax included) (members (current students))

44,800 yen (tax included) (non-members)

The fee includes accommodation, transportation, meals, activities, and insurance.

※Please transfer the fee to the designated bank account after registration.

【Means of transportation 】

Charter medium-sized sightseeing bus (Tokyo City Sightseeing Co. Ltd.)

【Things to bring (please put everything in your backpack)】

Drink (water bottle with string), jacket, underwear, pajamas, clothes for the second day, spare clothes, bath towel, hand towel, toothbrush set, snacks (to be eaten on the bus on the way back), mask, and any other necessary items such as medicine.

*Don't forget to bring your indoor shoes!

*Copies of medical and medical insurance cards will be collected at the meeting place on the day of the tour, and parents/guardians are requested to bring them with them. They will be returned at the time of dismissal.

Please prepare your luggage according to the diagram below.

※Please write your child's name (in Roman characters) on all belongings.

※Please write your child's name, Kodomo Edu, and your name (in Roman characters) on the luggage bag.


If the event is cancelled due to coronavirus, you will receive a full refund.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions that will be distributed to those who register for the event for other policies related to Coronavirus.

All-English overnight camp for 2 days and 1 night


An exciting experience that you can't feel in the city!

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