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“My daughter has expanded her curiosity and started to ask many questions”  

(5-year-old girl’s mom)

“I feel like the way she talks, behave, and act became calmer than before. I believe she is feeling satisfied and confident thanks to the school environment, teachers, friends, and also through being able to express herself more”  (6-year-old girl’s mom)

“He is concentrating more when he plays with LEGO and do drawings at home”

(5-year-old boy’s mom)

“Apart from pronunciation and vocabularies, she became interested in English. Also, she liked sawing that she did in class and wants to do it at home too”

(4-year-old girl’s mom)

“She is doing coloring and plays with water colors at home more often now. Also, as she was put in English speaking environment, she asked me several times the meaning of some English sentences” (6-year-old girl’s mom)

“I was surprised to see him very confident in drawing a picture and writing letters” (5-year-old boy’s mom)

“The things he builds using building blocks and scrap materials has become more creative than before” (4-year-old’s mom)

“He often picks up stones, but he changed what he does after picking up those stones. He not only picks it up but also observe and plays with it. He once said, “one rock can’t stand by itself but I can make it higher if I pile up three rocks.” Also, he sometimes finds a hole one the ground, where he puts the stones inside” (5-year-old boy’s mom)

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