“Don't underestimate children” by Loris Malaguzzi

We are a Reggio-Inspired school.

Reggio approach is a pre-school education which is attracting worldwide attention.

Reggio-Inspired school is a school that has evolved according to the country’s culture, environment and individual. While cherishing Japanese culture, we aim to evolve and practice Reggio approach that suits the environment of Tokyo.


What is Reggio Approach?

Reggio approach is a pre-school education method founded in Italy. It is an approach that brings out children’s inherent ability and curiosity by exploring various art materials. In the U.S., it has been adopted by Google and Disney headquarters’ in-house kindergartens, as well as in public kindergartens in Berkeley, California where many entrepreneurs live.


Characteristics of Reggio approach:

①Group project activities.

②Artworks using wide variety of materials.

③“Documentation” that records the learning process of children.   

Also, one of the most important things is “The image of the child”.

In Reggio, children are seen as “intelligent, competent, creative, and worthy individual”.

Therefore, at Reggio schools, we respect children and children play the leading role. The teachers always keep this in mind when engaging with children.



[プリスクール説明会 日程]

2022年5月21日(土)   15:00-16:00

2022年6月25日(土)  15:00-16:00

2022年7月23日(土) 15:00-16:00

2022年8月27日(土) 15:00-16:00

[アフタースクール(小学生・幼稚園)説明会 日程]

2022年5月21日(土)   13:00-14:00(小学生クラス)

2022年5月21日(土)   16:30-17:30(幼稚園クラス)

2022年6月25日(土)  13:00-14:00

2022年7月23日(土) 13:00-14:00

2022年8月27日(土) 13:00-14:00

What is Kodomo Edu?


We invited a Reggio approach school teacher from the U.S. to Japan to conduct an English Art Summer School for children. In 2 years, about 140 children attended the course and it has become a very popular program in Tokyo. We also held special classes where children learned directly from professional artists. 


We continued to create opportunities for children to experience the world’s top creativity, and were able to finally open our own school in Nakameguro. In addition to that, for the parents who are highly interested in better education in Tokyo, we held several events talking about “Education for the next generation’s children, and to think about mom and dad’s future work shifts / life shift”.

In one year, 180 people gathered for the events, and attracted public attention.

Our mission is to provide a place for learning, where children, as well as moms and dads can express and use their talents to act vigorously.







Teacher Kyle 

From The United States

 Lead Teacher

After becoming an English teacher in the U.S., I  came to Japan and taught at a private preschool in Yamanashi which is an alternative school adoboting Montessori and Steiner approaches. After learning and practicing those alternative approaches,  I found interest in the Reggio approach, and expanded my knowledge through self-teaching. I want to express my love towards arts and crafting at Kodomo Edu international school.


Teacher Fernando

From Brazil

Art Teacher
​(After School / Saturday School)


I  hold a Master's degree in engraving and printing at the University of Sao Paulo, which is said to be the University of Tokyo in Brazil. After that, I entered a doctoral course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, and majored in printmaking. My current studies in Ukiyo-e printing was sparked by my fascination for the subject. I am a great communicator with children, in which I approaches them to take out and explore their ideas.


Teacher Matilda

From Denmark

​Preschool Teacher

I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. My educational background is in architecture which I have studied in both Denmark and Sweden. As the daughter of two teachers, education and pedagogy has always been an integral part of my life, and I have found it natural to explore a life path where creativity and education meets. This has led me to jobs in kindergartens and at Jorn Utzon Architecture Center. I am especially interested in how new materials and media can help students find their own voice in self expression. This, I think, is particularly important for young children who are still in the midst of exploring and finding their identity.

In my freetime I like to explore the parks, streets, and eateries of the city.  I do so by bike or on foot and with a sketchbook in my backpack.

IMG_5932 2.JPG

Teacher Ashley

From The United States

​Preschool Teacher

I’m from the US. I grew up in New York State and spent a lot of time in the mountains of Vermont. In my 

spare time I enjoy painting, doing yoga, being outdoors and cooking for friends and family. As an artist, 

my favorite mediums are watercolor, oil painting, and ceramics. Much of my professional background is in 

art education and healthcare. I am passionate about being involved in the educational process, helping promote 

the growth of curiosity and creativity. It is amazing to see children form their own questions and new understandings.

My past experience of visiting and working in a ceramic studio in Nagano Prefecture led to my interest in returning to Japan. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to live in Tokyo and be a part of the Kodomo School.


​Teacher Konomi

From Japan

​Assistant  Teacher

I spent 2 years of my elementary school in Canada. After graduating from Japan Women’s University majoring in English, I  went  to Australia to study childcare. I have experience working at international schools in Japan and with the interest in Reggio I’ve joined Kodomo Edu! I love to play sports and enjoy outdoor activities. On my days off i like going out for walks or to the gym. I hope to enrich childrens’ lives by respecting and loving them for who they are as each individuals!


Teacher Sky

From Mongolia

​Assistant Teacher

Graduated from the National University of Mongolia which is the most renowned university in Mongolia. After that, I entered the master course at Waseda University, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies and majored in international relations. In my free time, I like to play the guitar!


To enroll or for any general information, please contact us:

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